Switzerland Real Estate Prices Getting Too High

The real estate property market in Switzerland is not looking good for new investors as demand and home and rental prices increase this year, and with the rising trend looking like it’s going to continue for some time.

In Switzerland the government has even taken steps to try to halt the rising market by restricting access to foreigners, especially in the buy-to-rent market. Despite this, prices are expected to continue going up, which is really alarming considering that prices of owner-occupied homes rose by 62.1% from 2010 to 2011 while that of rental apartments went up by 41.1%. This year Q3 price increase for owner-occupied dwellings went up by 6.3% with rental apartments going up by 2.72%.

So whether you plan to rent or to buy an apartment in Switzerland, you can be pretty sure that the money you will need to pay out will be quite high.

Image via smlp.co.uk

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