Commercial Real Estate Showed Double-Digit Growth in 2012

up arrow chalkThe housing market may not seem like it’s going anywhere, especially in stagnant areas where there are still too many new homes compared to buyers, but as a whole the real estate market is showing an upturn in sales volume.

The commercial real estate market is faring best with 2012 indices showing a growth of 19.1% for offices properties. The growth in commercial properties in central business districts was especially high for the month of December as investors hurried to close deals before the year ended.

Office properties are not the only ones showing double-digit growth for 2012 with multi-family homes in CBD areas showing a growth of 11.2%. Indices also show a slower but steady growth for all property types.

With the latest figures released indicating happier times for the real estate market, now is the time for investors to start scouring for deals on their computer before property prices really go up.

Image via Till Westemermayer

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