Open House Livecast

open house signIt used to be that holding open houses were the main way to show off a house being sold. The Internet has changed the real estate market so much though with many buyers not bothering to attend open houses and opting to go online to narrow down their choices instead before asking for a private viewing. This process actually makes it more convenient not just for the buyer, but also for the seller since time is only spent showing around the house to those who are already interested in buying and not just casual “window shoppers”. However, open houses are still a good way to get leads and should not be tossed aside as a marketing technique.

One way you can make the most of your efforts in getting a house ready for an open house is by hosting an event online at the same time. This allows interested online buyers to get a more detailed look at the house, or at the least can help you drum up more interest. Just make sure that your online open house is accessible using computers with different operating systems (e.g. Mac and Windows), and if possible even via tablets.

Image via Orin Zebest

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