06/28 Capitalizing on the Subway

subway entranceCapitalizing on the subway to get people to notice your listing might not have entered your mind, which is a huge missed opportunity.

Granted that no one really wants to buy or rent a residential property right next to the subway station or anywhere near its tracks, what you should realize is that including the fact that your property is close to the subway or the metro is important to many who are house hunting. You only need to look at today’s gas prices to understand why! And of course, there’s also the green movement to thank for.

Whatever their reasons are, the fact remains that homebuyers and renters will likely skip over your listing if this information is not included. This is especially true for those on the lookout for commercial property. So make sure that you update the information on your computer and all websites to help you drum up interest faster.

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05/28 Managing Rental Properties Online with iManageRent

imanage rentManaging your rental property is far from easy. This is specially true if you have multiple properties to take care of. From finding responsible tenants to coordinating with various service providers, the tasks that need to be dealt with immediately are seemingly endless.

The good news is that there are excellent real estate management software available in the market to help you manage your properties more efficiently.

iManage Rent is an online property maintenance manager that allows you to get everything done conveniently without having to rely on costly professional property management service providers. With the online app, you can have it take care of your real estate marketing and list your property, make use of their simplified screening process, create and manage your tenant leases, manage your service providers, and even automate your rent payment and lease administration. You can generate customized reports as well.

iManage Rent is available for free for those who need only its basic features, and for $9.95/unit/month for up to 25 units and for $6.95/unit/month for those with more than 25 units. As an online portal, it is accessible for computers with any operating system.

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05/13 Marketing Real Estate Business

Marketing your Real Estate Business, nowadays, can easily be done. How can one successfully market a real estate business? It is actually beneficial and helpful to focus marketing strategies involving the dissemination of information that will interest people and encourage them to start an investment. This can be done through maximizing the reach of the increasing technologies and the online world. Marketing can start by having that set of contacts of target clients or investors. One can initially start offers through phone marketing. Things to keep in mind in phone marketing: be polite, introduce yourself and state your purpose, and most importantly, offer something that is beneficial for all parties involved. Another way of marketing is by taking advantage of the Internet world. This can be done by simply making websites and posts describing the involved real estate investment and corresponding offers and benefits. Once it is made, spread of mouth can then take over in making more people aware and hopefully getting their interest.

05/13 Starting a Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment involves a very sensitive process that lasts as long as the real estate’s existence. Starting an investment out of real estate involves the need to first evaluate the property of interest. The buyer must ensure that what he buys will nonetheless, reflect his capabilities. If this is the case, then one will not have any trouble making something great and beneficial out of that ownership. After one is sure of what is the good buy, then comes the need for one to understand the process of attaining that positive investment. Understanding how to profit and how cash flows occur are only some of the things that one should know before even risking to start an investment. Real Estate Investments is risky indeed but one must simply have that good property, understand every aspect of it which includes its advantages and disadvantages, and then choose which aspects would result to a good investment.

05/13 Real Estate Investment: Risks and Downsides

Real Estate Investments are great sources of profit and earnings. This fact, though, doesn’t take away the reality that such kind of investments goes with risks and disadvantages. Risks are most evidently present in the following aspects: money, maintenance, and employment. Money and profit, in real estate investments, are not always increasing the way it is expected. The occurrence of negative cash flow simply entails that the investment is not developing and worst, slowly losing its value. Another risk involved is on the aspect of maintenance. It is not always an assurance that a real estate property will remain as high-quality as it is at it was first bought. Issues and problems on its value more specifically on its appearance and functionality will come and go. Lastly, maintenance goes with employment. Real estate investments are only functional when there are smart minds behind every transaction. Though, there are instances that there is a loss of employment that then hinders progress in the real estate investment.

05/13 Going beyond ownership

People work for the purpose of having that sense of pride and accomplishment may it be on the aspect of experience, learning, or earnings. Nowadays, the measure of success is based on one’s position and even on the money that one earns. It is believed that money makes things possible; it makes it possible for one to be able to buy a new car and even own a house. The extent of blessings and opportunities given to a person are of varying kinds and purposes. Taking for instance, one’s opportunity to buy and own a house. It is definitely an achievement but there are more things that one can attain if he or she finds the initiative to do so. Applying this, if one owns a house, it should not be the case that one stops from there. That person should strive to make something better out of what already seems great because opportunities are made to be maximized and one way that this can be done is to start an investment out of that ownership.

04/26 Storefront: Connecting Space Owners and Retailers

storefront logoIf you are looking to invest in the commercial real estate market or already has existing properties, you need to realize that with commercial real estate starting to show significant growth more investors will be getting in the picture and will eventually mean more competition for you. This means that you need to stay ahead of the game and so find ways to make money out of your commercial properties, perhaps in a non-traditional manner.

One way you can make money of your commercial space is by renting it out as a short-term retail space via the innovative website – Storefront. Storefront connects space owners and brands who need to open pop-up shops, streamlining the whole process of short term leasing so that it is a win-win situation for both sides. Space owners end up renting out their space more often, while retailers get to find the perfect space to lease hassle-free by simply going online on their computers.

Storefront currently serves space owners and retailers in the San Francisco and New York area.

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02/24 Commercial Real Estate Showed Double-Digit Growth in 2012

up arrow chalkThe housing market may not seem like it’s going anywhere, especially in stagnant areas where there are still too many new homes compared to buyers, but as a whole the real estate market is showing an upturn in sales volume.

The commercial real estate market is faring best with 2012 indices showing a growth of 19.1% for offices properties. The growth in commercial properties in central business districts was especially high for the month of December as investors hurried to close deals before the year ended.

Office properties are not the only ones showing double-digit growth for 2012 with multi-family homes in CBD areas showing a growth of 11.2%. Indices also show a slower but steady growth for all property types.

With the latest figures released indicating happier times for the real estate market, now is the time for investors to start scouring for deals on their computer before property prices really go up.

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02/20 Welcoming New Agents in the Real Estate World



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Seeing real estate agents sell houses and lots may make you wonder, how did he make that sale? Read on to understand how these agents become successful.

Selling can be a stressful job but if you know the twists and turns of the industry you are in, then selling can be easy. You actually do not need to attend a real estate Thai school and attend Thai classes just to get a Thai buyer or any foreign buyer. You simply need to focus on your strengths and set aside negativity to achieve a successful deal. If you are new in the real estate world, then here are basic yet helpful tips that you may want to consider.

Many agents are sceptic about open house, there are more cons than pros when they hear open house. However, agents who go out of their box and play the real estate game are more likely to have more clients. Have an open mind and try your own open house. It is advisable to do it on the weekends like Sunday. The best time is usually afternoon or take turns with your partner if you want the open house for the whole day. Also consider that the house is prepared beforehand. The house should b almost look as new as this will attract possible buyers.


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01/24 Open House Livecast

open house signIt used to be that holding open houses were the main way to show off a house being sold. The Internet has changed the real estate market so much though with many buyers not bothering to attend open houses and opting to go online to narrow down their choices instead before asking for a private viewing. This process actually makes it more convenient not just for the buyer, but also for the seller since time is only spent showing around the house to those who are already interested in buying and not just casual “window shoppers”. However, open houses are still a good way to get leads and should not be tossed aside as a marketing technique.

One way you can make the most of your efforts in getting a house ready for an open house is by hosting an event online at the same time. This allows interested online buyers to get a more detailed look at the house, or at the least can help you drum up more interest. Just make sure that your online open house is accessible using computers with different operating systems (e.g. Mac and Windows), and if possible even via tablets.

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