09/24 Buying a Foreclosed Property – Hold your horses

foreclosedmetro.jpgPrices have bottomed and some experts are arguing that if you have been wanting to purchase a home for quite sometime, then now’s the time be sure to do your math and homework before jumping into a deal that may turn into a headache. Foreclosures are running at 87% and most houses you might have as prospects might be foreclosed ones indeed so do check. There are also a lot of problems associated with foreclosed properties and they are not the ones a first time home buyer would know and be able to handle. Talk to your agent if you have one and get them to do the meetings and other formalities for you. You might be paying them a buck or two but taking time off from work might cost you more. Seek advice form family and friends on what to expect in these types of homes and better yet, what to look for in inspections so you get all the bases covered. Foreclosed houses may mean cheap properties and prices but the hidden problems and costs may outweigh the cheap price and you end up paying more in the long run.

09/17 Buying Early : Part 2

There’s a couple more elective (non-mandatory but would be a good addition for your protection) information that you could seek in order to assure a good investment whether you intend to live in the stated property or investing in it. Check the geological records of the state and local government to ensure you don�t get property on unstable ground. Try to steer away from those areas with too stunning a view that you forget it�s a hill that was flattened and filled in. Most of us have seen the problems that arose with some multi-million dollar homes that fell down into the ravines besides or directly behind their property, destroying not only their home but those that were directly below theirs. Many cases of such rock/landslides have occurred which has lowered interest in those types of property which was fought over during the past decades.

09/10 Succeeding as an Online Real Estate Marketer

rwb_andersonwiseWith the real estate market still down, brokers are left with no choice but to work harder and adopt new channels that will help them reach more clients. This is means that on top of traditional real estate marketing channels, the internet has become essential with more progressive brokers seeing the value in having an online presence.

If you are new to online marketing though and is thinking of building your own real estate website, make sure that your website features not only good content but also looks professional. This is important since your website will represent you online and a poor website will end up impacting your marketing efforts negatively instead of helping you out.

You should also be particular about the design of your website, making it user-friendly and navigable so that clients can easily find what they want. A responsive architecture is a must for websites these days as well because you want it to render properly on any device and operating system.

So just like with traditional marketing techniques, you have put in the work to shine in the online real estate world.

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09/03 As Expected, House Prices Drop Ever Lower

forsale.jpgHouse prices are dropping lower than expected which is dampening hopes of a fast recovery which many experts used to say was a year but now extend to more than that. The Standard and Poor’s figures show that house prices have dropped 12.7% form figures only a year ago for 20 major metropolitan areas. This is alarming for this is the lowest and sharpest decline in two decades which is not a good sign at all for prices have yet to stabilize as they are still moving ever down. The areas that experienced the sharp increases in the first quarter are now the ones that are getting the hardest hit and they are still waiting for better news in the troubled and shaken real estate business.

08/27 Commercial Real Estate Showed Double-Digit Growth in 2012

up arrow chalkThe housing market may not seem like it’s going anywhere, especially in stagnant areas where there are still too many new homes compared to buyers, but as a whole the real estate market is showing an upturn in sales volume.

The commercial real estate market is faring best with 2012 indices showing a growth of 19.1% for offices properties. The growth in commercial properties in central business districts was especially high for the month of December as investors hurried to close deals before the year ended.

Office properties are not the only ones showing double-digit growth for 2012 with multi-family homes in CBD areas showing a growth of 11.2%. Indices also show a slower but steady growth for all property types.

With the latest figures released indicating happier times for the real estate market, now is the time for investors to start scouring for deals on their computer before property prices really go up.

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08/20 Sub-Prime Mortgage woes easing?

mort.jpgThe market may be getting worse day by day but data shows that the numbers of borrowers who are falling on their loan payments may be starting to show signs of leveling off. Figures for April show that there are more people who are able to catch up on their mortgages, maybe due to the fact that people are selling other assets to avoid losing their homes. Remittance reports are showing a slight increase which might be signs that people are indeed trying to pay up but the figure is not too significant to say that the trend is now leveling off and that people are finally catching up on their loans.

06/28 Capitalizing on the Subway

subway entranceCapitalizing on the subway to get people to notice your listing might not have entered your mind, which is a huge missed opportunity.

Granted that no one really wants to buy or rent a residential property right next to the subway station or anywhere near its tracks, what you should realize is that including the fact that your property is close to the subway or the metro is important to many who are house hunting. You only need to look at today’s gas prices to understand why! And of course, there’s also the green movement to thank for.

Whatever their reasons are, the fact remains that homebuyers and renters will likely skip over your listing if this information is not included. This is especially true for those on the lookout for commercial property. So make sure that you update the information on your computer and all websites to help you drum up interest faster.

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05/28 Managing Rental Properties Online with iManageRent

imanage rentManaging your rental property is far from easy. This is specially true if you have multiple properties to take care of. From finding responsible tenants to coordinating with various service providers, the tasks that need to be dealt with immediately are seemingly endless.

The good news is that there are excellent real estate management software available in the market to help you manage your properties more efficiently.

iManage Rent is an online property maintenance manager that allows you to get everything done conveniently without having to rely on costly professional property management service providers. With the online app, you can have it take care of your real estate marketing and list your property, make use of their simplified screening process, create and manage your tenant leases, manage your service providers, and even automate your rent payment and lease administration. You can generate customized reports as well.

iManage Rent is available for free for those who need only its basic features, and for $9.95/unit/month for up to 25 units and for $6.95/unit/month for those with more than 25 units. As an online portal, it is accessible for computers with any operating system.

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05/13 Marketing Real Estate Business

Marketing your Real Estate Business, nowadays, can easily be done. How can one successfully market a real estate business? It is actually beneficial and helpful to focus marketing strategies involving the dissemination of information that will interest people and encourage them to start an investment. This can be done through maximizing the reach of the increasing technologies and the online world. Marketing can start by having that set of contacts of target clients or investors. One can initially start offers through phone marketing. Things to keep in mind in phone marketing: be polite, introduce yourself and state your purpose, and most importantly, offer something that is beneficial for all parties involved. Another way of marketing is by taking advantage of the Internet world. This can be done by simply making websites and posts describing the involved real estate investment and corresponding offers and benefits. Once it is made, spread of mouth can then take over in making more people aware and hopefully getting their interest.

05/13 Starting a Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment involves a very sensitive process that lasts as long as the real estate’s existence. Starting an investment out of real estate involves the need to first evaluate the property of interest. The buyer must ensure that what he buys will nonetheless, reflect his capabilities. If this is the case, then one will not have any trouble making something great and beneficial out of that ownership. After one is sure of what is the good buy, then comes the need for one to understand the process of attaining that positive investment. Understanding how to profit and how cash flows occur are only some of the things that one should know before even risking to start an investment. Real Estate Investments is risky indeed but one must simply have that good property, understand every aspect of it which includes its advantages and disadvantages, and then choose which aspects would result to a good investment.